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Tourism report for Lincoln - Essay Example

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It is an area that spans 5,921 square kilometres, and Lincoln, one of the towns included in Lincolnshire, has gained much popularity in terms of tourist attractions and investments due…
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Tourism report for Lincoln
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Download file to see previous pages The county is divided into two, with the River Witham flowing between the two parts, known as namely ‘uphill’ and ‘downhill.’ The northern area, which is the ‘uphill’ area is where the historical part of the county houses. Historical structures belonging to this part of the city include the Lincoln Cathedral, the Lincoln Castle and the Medieval Bishop’s Palace. There are also residential areas in this part of the city. The ‘downhill’ area comprises of the city centre, and the residential houses belonging to this part of the county are less affluent than their uphill counterparts. This divide has been considered to date from the Norman times during the Norman Conquest. At that time, the hilltop was occupied by mostly the military elite as well as the religious elite. Well-known and exclusive organizations belonging to the ‘uphill’ area include the Lincoln Uphill Gardeners’ Club, the Lincoln Backgammon Club and the Lincoln Astronomical Society.
It is mainly a historical county, which houses evidence of being inhabited by the Romans, the Normans, the Medievals, the Tudors and the Georgians. That comprises of around 2000 years of history altogether, making the county ideal for educational tourism. In the first century, the county was known as Lindum Colonna by the Romans, and it was in fact the home of Roman legionnaires and their families. Evidence of this is the Newport Arch that the Romans themselves built over Ermine Street (About, 2010). The economy of the county is one that depends on commerce, agriculture, public administration and tourism. Previous years show evidence that Lincoln used to be a major industrial area. However, such evidence exists simply in the warehouses that have been left behind, and are now being used to conduct other purposes, such as a broadcasting station. Recently, the county has begun to develop itself into an IT rich ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tourism Report for Lincoln Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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