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Marketing Consultancy - Outline Example

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It is essential to note that these data are specific and categorical to give accurate status of operations in Dunamaise Arts Centre. They include the…
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Marketing Consultancy
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Extract of sample "Marketing Consultancy"

Dunamaise Arts Centre PESTLE Analysis Number Department Summary This paper intends to collect vital information projected for SWOT, Pestle and Mckinsey 7s analysis of Dunamaise Arts Centre. It is essential to note that these data are specific and categorical to give accurate status of operations in Dunamaise Arts Centre. They include the strength, weaknesses and other features of internal systems. The information is categorised into six classes, which include political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental ones (Megaw, 2008).
The efficiency of the government systems and its correlation to the operational level in the ground are considered and its enhancement in the listed areas of economy is discussed. It is significant to note that the paper discusses the factors and underlying conditions for apt operations of Dunamaise Arts Centre intended at increasing revenues and efficiency in service delivery, which include advertising and promotion of products of diverse companies (Megaw, 2008).
Political: The strong internal political systems of Irish government have complimentary environment for the Dunamaise Arts Centre to exploit its potential in the art industry. Flexible government policies have facilitated frequent visits by students who take art courses, consequently, enhanced sales and income is recorded. The government through grants has facilitated the expansion of existing branches and operations, consequently, rapid growth and profit margin are recorded (Cox, 2007). The government’s initiative to promote the art industry globally has positioned Dunamaise strategically for international sales, especially the tourists. This has immensely contributed to the creation of stiff competition by Dunamaise against other players in the market, consequently, efficiency of the system operations is improved.
Economic: Subsistence of flexible and effective tax policies, distribution trends, and skilled labour market have enhanced the organisation’s success (Davenport, 2008). Rich cultural heritage, which is the backbone of the organisation, attracts an enormous audience from all lifestyles, and with different intentions to explore the facility at the slightest marketing initiatives by the organisation (Flannery and Griffin, 2009). The marketing expenditure of the organisation adequately pays off. Immense government investment in art courses in the education sector has significantly boosted the intensification of the organization’s operations.
Social: Appreciation of lifestyle trends in the country such as growing of middle class population and better hours of working, more working class, and adventurous population within the society tend to encourage the development of art within the society (Doordan, 1996). This enormous response has increased the chances of having better economic foothold in the country (Hourihane, 2001). The numerous social amenities within the organization’s surrounding have immensely catapulted the social roots and relations of Dunamaise with the residents. The relationship has resulted to charity events designed at promoting the reflection of the centre among the residents.
Technological: Extensive technology has played a pivotal role in the growth and expansion of Dunamaise Arts Centre’s products and services. This eventually has led to the rapid growth of the industry. All the key parties (government and the player in the industry) seem to have shifted their attention to the expansion of technological programs through innovations, and faster communication (Ryan and Calvin, 2011). Cash-less transactions are perfected by the organisation in online bookings. This has improved corporate operations since they are run in an extremely efficient and consistent manner.
Legal: The legal issues affecting the organisation encompass safety of facility, labour issues and competition policies within the country (Haurihane). The laws of the land are aimed at protecting the customers and employees by guaranteeing them safety at the place. This creates confidence and trust in the tourists consequently more influx, leading to more revenue.
Environmental: The far-reaching environmental policies of the country promote conservation of the environment, and proper use of energy. More emphasis is given to the need for minimum use of use of paperwork communication to protect forests (Haurihane, 2001). Digitalization of communication and other operational processes will ensure reduction of paper pollution to the environment.
In conclusion, it is evident that the government policies on economy, social background, technology, legal status, environment and political sectors are proved to be positively correlated to the operations and activities in the lower levels. This has immensely enhanced expansion and increase revenues of Dunamaise Arts Centre.
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Marketing Consultancy Outline Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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