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The study is based on the case of a seven year old child Debbie who has been experiencing social development problems due to the problematic household environments she is in. The main focus of the study is to present the different aspects of social works in relation to the…
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Working with children and families case study
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Download file to see previous pages The different aspects of intervention in the families are historical, social, psychological and legal in nature. These aspects are incorporated in the guidelines that are being followed by the social workers to resolve the case specific problems of the clients (Hepworth et. al., 2009;
The historical aspect is one of the facets in the implementation of family intervention. This aspect is important to be able to determine the possible causes of the situation wherein intervention is required as well as the background information for assessing the needs of the person. Included in the historical aspect are the family members in the household and the relationship to the person in need of assistance. Another factor included in the said aspect is the experiences of the parents and the events that had happened in the family that may have triggered the problematic situation. The interactions and interrelationship between family members that may have directly or indirectly affect the perspective and disposition of the person in focus. In addition, the strengths and the weaknesses of the parents that can trigger the changes in behaviour and way of thinking of the person are also included in the fundamental historical components of the family intervention (Horwath, 2000, p.56, 80-82).
For the child Debbie, the members of her immediate family are in the household, her parents and her siblings. Historical aspect of the intervention includes the relationship between the family members and their effect on the child. Her mother Irene is agoraphobic and her brother is severely disabled. Other issues make matters worse such as the situation of the father John who is not employed. The conflicts within the household are having effects on Debbie and Hannah who are exhibiting violent behaviours and problems in learning.
The social aspect of the intervention in the family is another area of importance. This can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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