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This article precisely defines the importance of the nature of the international market, and the compatibility of the product with the respected market abroad. It discusses, for example, how government restrictions and environment abroad can influence the demand for a particular…
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International Marketing w7
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Running head: International Marketing
International Marketing
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International Marketing
This article precisely defines the importance of the nature of the international market, and the compatibility of the product with the respected market abroad. It discusses, for example, how government restrictions and environment abroad can influence the demand for a particular product. Thus, it needs to be modified and altered according to the international taste.
The article further discusses how market research can help suggest whether the market abroad has a demand for a particular product. Other secondary research material can also be used such as export statistics.
Many people avoid expanding their market abroad. One of the reasons for this is the reluctance of entrepreneurs to go through so much hassle and take such risks. However, the report suggests that this problem now has a solution. Thus, many reluctant traders may now be willing to sell in international markets. This may require market research and product modification. This can, however, be easily done through national export reports and assistance from Export Management Companies. This is bound to encourage international trade and make the world market more competitive.
How to export into overseas market. (accessed January 7, 2010) Read More
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International Marketing W7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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