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This is true for every imperial, capitalist, socialist, communist, dictatorial, anarchist, feudal or fundamental state. Moreover, prisons are no different devoid of their location - Algeria or UK. In UK prisons, this discrepancy comes out in different forms…
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Women in Prison
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There are multiple reports from the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, The World Organization Against Torture, and Prison Watch Internationale, Paris that suggest there is a predominant mode of human rights violations within the boundaries of the UK prisons and these are mostly triggered by discrimination based on Sex, colour and creed. There are reports of torturing and abusing mentally ill patient too. In addition, it could not be just coincidence that 70% of the abuse and torture is targeted towards people of colour or women. Women and prisoners of unnatural sexual orientations suffer this fate, statistically. Thus, it could be concluded without much deliberation that the result of this biased behaviour would yield only more biased apprehension, as a product in this case, the UK prison. As a result, the context and significance of this research is vital from a sociological and humane perspective. (Air, 67-70)
Literature in the realm of research performed in the context of women in prisons who have children, or who have had children whilst they were in prison would be quite numerous and diverse in their content and methodology. In the different separate studies located, only few would have spanned a period beyond a decade. The majority of research pieces, which focus on the inclusion of the subject, would actually focus on the overall inmate segments through fundamental sociological levels. The fact that there are not very many advanced research items specifically directed toward the issue of conditions relating to women in prisons who have children, or who have had children whilst they were in prison particularly in UK would be the main focus of this dissertation.
The most effective method of discussion and understanding the multitudes of studies conducted on the issue inclusion of theories and technology would be in the fact that we must first divide the process into manageable segments. These segments are self-divided within the research itself. Those pieces include divisions between inmates and guards and through administrative operations. The vast majority of the literature would be concentrated from the year 2000 through to the present, more than likely as advances in computer and other electronic technology has managed leaps and bounds in both affordability and availability. This is especially true for prisons across the country. The several research pieces brought into this literature review would in fact be between the years 2000 and 2006. One recognizable difference would be in the fact that literature which remains in the time span since the turn of the century would in fact be the speed, the accessibility and the overall development of systems and the internet itself.
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