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Explore the Problems Behind Sexual Deviance, Violence, or Crime and Poverty - Essay Example

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The generation of today has been facing various national dilemmas such as sexual deviance, violence, drug addiction, prostitution, and the most enduring of all, poverty. Accordingly, political and social institutions are gearing towards the total eradication of the causes of…
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Explore the Problems Behind Sexual Deviance, Violence, or Crime and Poverty
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Extract of sample "Explore the Problems Behind Sexual Deviance, Violence, or Crime and Poverty"

Download file to see previous pages Majority of the world’s population today has been living in the state of poverty. In fact, the 2009 World Bank has shown that almost three billion people around the world are earning less than two dollars and fifty cents a day and 1 billion children live in starvation. There are also more or less 30,000 people around the world who dies everyday because of no food to eat (Shah, 2009).
There has been no record found showing the origin of the word poverty. Nevertheless, scholarly authors believed that this term became apparent first in biblical accounts claiming that the poor will always be near in God’s heart. It has also been classified into two, absolute and relative poverty (Byrns, n.d.). Absolute poverty is cited as the state wherein the people don’t have any of the basic necessities and are totally impoverished. On the other hand, relative poverty is likened to a situation in which the people have the basic necessities but were not enough to satisfy them. Nonetheless, this classification is measured after the determination of the country’s poverty line. The late Pope John Paul II has written that poverty is the main force in armed conflicts which gravely threatens peace and security (as cited in Frederick, 2009). Significantly, two economists stated that poverty as a concept has qualitative and quantitative dimensions (Mabughi & Selim, 2006). The qualitative aspect is evaluated in terms of the standard of living while the quantitative dimension is assessed by the level of consumption. Despite these varying ideas, the World Bank has introduced a comprehensive yet radical definition which became the guiding principle of understanding poverty in the international community. Such definition emphasized the importance of an active and purposeful action towards change from both the wealthy and poor sections of the society (World Bank, n.d.).
An online movement to fight poverty enumerated its causes and consequences. The causes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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