4.The paradox of adolescence is that it can be at once a time of storm and stress and a time of exuberant growth (Arnett, 1999). Discuss - Essay Example

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WHO defines adolescence as the growing period of life between the age ranges of 10 to 20 years. This transitional phase of growth…
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4.The paradox of adolescence is that it can be at once a time of storm and stress and a time of exuberant growth (Arnett, 1999). Discuss
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Extract of sample "4.The paradox of adolescence is that it can be at once a time of storm and stress and a time of exuberant growth (Arnett, 1999). Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages Traditionally society marked the signs of puberty in an individual as the mark of his or her passing into adulthood. As Shakespeare remarks in his very famous drama ‘As You Like It’,
Here we find according to traditional norms Shakespeare moving from childhood directly to that of ‘the lover’ or adulthood. There is no mention of adolescence in his ballad, as this during those days this phase in the life in an individual was not given much importance. However, this very age group has now turned into a major subject of study, owing to the number of arising problems seen in individuals belonging to this age group. The importance attached to the study of adolescents, some historians propose, is a very recent invention of the late nineteenth century. As Kett (2003) remarked “adolescence…essentially a conception of behavior imposed on youth, rather than an empirical assessment of the way in which young people actually behaved. The architects of adolescence used biology and psychology…to justify the promotion among young people of norms of behavior that were freighted with middle class values” (cited in Liechty, 2003). However, modern day psychologists lay a lot of stress on these formative years and counsel for a proper upbringing, filled with love and care, so that the growing child is able to balance the “storm and stress” as suggested by Hall (1904), going on inside his mind and body. It is true that not all adolescents have psychological problems with the sudden changes that take charge of their mind and body. On the other hand it is also true, that this ‘storm and stress’ is seen more in adolescence than in any other age groups. This article will delve into the mind frames of adolescents and try to explore how some individuals handle the changes well, while others fumble. It will also explain the theories that take on adolescence and give ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(4.The Paradox of Adolescence Is That It Can Be at Once a Time of Storm Essay)
“4.The Paradox of Adolescence Is That It Can Be at Once a Time of Storm Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/miscellaneous/1561660-4the-paradox-of-adolescence-is-that-it-can-be-at-once-a-time-of-storm-and-stress-and-a-time-of-exuberant-growth-arnett-1999-discuss.
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