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Business report for Cadbury - Essay Example

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This report evaluates the business strategy of Cadbury from three different perspectives that include assessment of competitive landscape in which the company operates; evaluation of the financial position, and review of its current corporate strategy. Each area of investigation…
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Business report for Cadbury
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Download file to see previous pages ortfolio on the other hand it will surely provide opportunities for Cadbury for further expand its business and achieve organic growth opted in its strategies. The report not only evaluates company’s present situation but also makes useful findings regarding the company’s future and put forth recommendations for the company to remain a successful entity.
This business report has been furnished in order to provide a critical assessment of the business environment in which Cadbury is operating and identify the recent changes that have occurred in the company’s business that has led to change in its ownership which of course has implications for its current business strategy and also future growth prospects. The report utilizes different business models to provide a summative report on the company’s ability to remain as a success in the packaged food industry. This analysis is also supported by financial ratio analysis that provides useful insight into the company’s financial performance and assists in evaluating why changes in the company’s business and strategy are imminent. Finally, recommendations are made for the next years of operations in light with the present corporate strategy of the company.
Cadbury has remained a British iconic company for almost 183 years before it was sold to a US company Kraft. The company was established in 1824 by Quaker John Cadbury and later merged with a Swiss counterpart to form Cadbury Schweppes in 1969. Over the years the company had developed product lines into candy and non-alcoholic drinks market. However, as the company focused more on its confectionaries business it decided to sell off its seven famous drink brands that were once important part of the company’s business. Strategically the company has remained a successful business however in the recent years the company has gone through a tough period of hostile takeover bid by Kraft that has generated uncertainties regarding various business segments and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Report for Cadbury Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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