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The growing globalization of markets - Essay Example

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This proposal is going to provide a case study of marketing mix and strategies, Cadbury Company had successfully re-import the formula of quality products that had provided the inspiration for its own beginnings more than 50 years before. This assignment draws all the marketing mix that provides Cadbury Company to organize wide range of subsidiaries and to develop its brands of product…
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The growing globalization of markets
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Download file to see previous pages People visiting Cadbury World are provided for a complete experience of the company's chocolate-making process through a detailed tour, which starts from the main exhibitions and culminates to the shop. The company strives to impress on its customers the thoroughness of the activities that compromise its chocolate-making process. Thus, the service concept of Cadbury World is very customer-oriented and informative. In addition, the company also strives to make sure it maintains a happy staff, believing that happy employees result in happy customers.
"According to the American Marketing Association, marketing research is the systematic gathering, recording, and analysing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services." (SBA, Marketing research.)
Although market research is imperfect science, it deals with customers and their continual changes feels and behaviours, which are influenced by innumerable subjective causes. (SBA, Marketing research.)
Marketing mix represents the total marketing programme of Cadbury Company. It involves decision, with regards to product, price, place and promotion. Marketing mix serves the linkage between a business firm and its customer. Thus marketing mix is a blending of decisions in the 4 P's. It is a system comprising the subsystems of product, promotion and distribution. These elements of the marketing mix are interrelated because decisions in one area affect the others. Marketing mix is a dynamic concept as it keeps on changing with changes in markets and the environment
Philip Kotler has defined the term marketing mix as "the set of controllable variables that the firm can use to influence the buyer's response". (59)
The marketing mix denotes a combination of various elements, which in their totality constitute Cadbury's "marketing system". These elements are often described as FOUR P's: Product, Price, Distribution (Place) and Promotion.

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