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Topic to be decided summative assessment for master of midwifery research methods - Essay Example

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Health research has historically faced difficulties especially in a bid to work collaboratively in harnessing both qualitative and quantitative research. The use of the two types of research methodology is of insurmountable value to the research process. This is in the view that…
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Topic to be decided summative assessment for master of midwifery research methods
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Download file to see previous pages However, it is worthy to note from the onset that there exist a good number of differences between the two study approaches. The existence of similarities is also another feature that this paper will attempt to bring out. It should be noted however that this paper gives precedence to the medical field specifically on midwifery and nursing. This paper attempts to look at what differentiates the two and at the same time what distances the two approaches. In this paper, the attempt is made to draw the distinctions between the two approaches. The paper will also present arguments as to why the two can be used on a complimentary scale as opposed to ignorance amongst them. In this paper the blending need will also be explored.
A good medical research recognizes the interdependent nature between qualitative and quantitative research methods of inquiry. Unfortunately, having made the realization that the two methodological paradigms are quite complimentary, there exist a few stumbling blocks that make their application impossible due to some difference.
To begin with, qualitative and quantitative approaches to research often use different sets of assumptions. These differences run across the fact that the two methods’ assumptions and world views are antagonistically orchestrated. To add more to this, their ways of learning differ significantly. A closer look into these assumptions delivers a view that portrays them as inevitably irreconcilable. This may explain why researchers are more often asked to focus on one of the methods while engaging in any kind of research. This is taught to allow them the freedom and the comfort to handle their daily learning and study activities. This may be the reason why the different exponents of the approaches appear to lean to their choice of approaches with little or complete disregard to the other. In that respect, the two approaches are rarely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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