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The Role of the Midwife in the Normal Process - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "The Role of the Midwife in the Normal Process" it is clear that the midwife must attempt to not control the situation, however, simply because of experience. Although generalizations can be made, each woman and each situation is different in some ways…
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The Role of the Midwife in the Normal Process
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Extract of sample "The Role of the Midwife in the Normal Process"

Download file to see previous pages The statement does not seem radical to midwives. We have always been in the business of leveraging knowledge and experience to help women through pregnancy and childbirth as a smooth phase of their lives. While this may seem obvious to midwives, the idea of normal birth has been upended in the last few centuries, such that what is called a “traditional” birth involves lying down with monitors and IV tubes strung from various parts of the birthing mother’s body and a skilled surgeon waiting just outside the door with a sterile scalpel to intervene “if necessary.”
Those women who choose a hospital birth find themselves treated as subjects for every tool available to modern medicine—whether they need it or not. Lavender and Kingdon (2005, p. 302) sum up the prevailing attitude by saying, ‘It is easy to surmise that in British society today, little value is placed on women’s unique capacity to give birth; technology is seen as progressive and birth without intervention ‘old-fashioned’ and high risk’. As a result of technology, the physiology and emotional states of women and their new babies are altered. We do not currently understand the effects of these alterations; they have been discounted as either minor or completely unimportant by the medical community. But, simply ask a woman who has experienced natural childbirth how the process went, and she will inevitably say it was quite wonderful. It feels good—or so her brain tells her later on if the birth proceeded normally without major intervention. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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