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Affect of media on teen driving and its solution - Essay Example

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Since their advent, cars have remained a major component of the human society; however, it is an observation that their status continued to change in different periods. In specific, cars have been the major notion of attraction for young individuals even when it was an expensive…
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Affect of media on teen driving and its solution
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Download file to see previous pages 469-480) have indicated that teens have been part of more than thirty percent of traffic accidents and crashes that indicate the fatal impact of teen driving in the country. Thus, it has now become very imperative to identify the factors that promote and encourage teens to involve in driving practices, and especially reckless driving that is the major apprehension for experts (Arnett, pp. 469-480) associated with this issue.
Analysis of the literature (Arnett, pp. 469-480) related to teen driving has indicated that lack of experience has been the major cause of teens’ car accidents along with a number of behavioral and developmental factors. Besides inexperience, studies have pointed out that teens do not feel the need of utilizing seat belts, and they attempt to cross the speed limits while using cell phones, having cigarettes and even alcohol during driving. Music and utilization of video screens in the cars is another common practice associated with teen driving that becomes the notion of distraction for teens, and cause accidents and crashes.
While comparing data (Liu et al, pp. 1084-1088) with the adult drivers, speeding is the major factor that exists in teen driving cases that specifies the level of excitement and pleasure associated with teen driving. In addition, one can have an idea of the level of excitement by knowing that these days; the license department of vehicles has become the foremost stop for teenagers to begin their celebration of 16th birthday that shows the symbolization of cars as an adult certificate. Studies (Arnett, pp. 469-480) have shown that acquisition of a driver’s license is a significant target for teenagers to exhibit their skills and capabilities in front of their peers. In other words, getting a driver’s license nowadays stands next to high school graduation as an avenue of entering the maturity level according to teenagers (Gardner & Steinberg, pp. 625-635).
In addition, peer relationships matter the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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