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How asian american are changing the face of america - Research Paper Example

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256-292). This number makes the United States of America as the third largest populous country on the planet earth after China and India. More…
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How asian american are changing the face of america
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Download file to see previous pages 125-189) are just few of the many ethnic, ancestral and racial groups spread all over the United States. This paper tries to focus over the Asian Americans part with three prominent examples and dynamics involved with their lives and lifestyles. In addition, this paper also tries to understand the concepts of globalization, Trans-nationalism and multiracialism.
Popular historian Yuji Ichioka deserves all the credit for inventing the term of Asian Americans. Before this term, people usually referred Asian Americans with the name of Orientals meaning the people from the east (Lott, pp. 46-192). It is not unusual to know that these were the social activists of the 1970’s that made this term popular within and outside America and all this was happening because of the social rights movement of that time for this community in the United states.
According to the basic definition, “Asian Americans are those Americans who have an Asian origin at least from the side of one parent” (Min, pp. 11-29). The most common groups in Asian Americans are of “Chinese Americans, Indian Americans, Pakistani Americans, Japanese Americans, Cambodian Americans, Korean Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Filipino Americans” (Kitano, & Daniels, pp. 85-129) and other groups. “The demographics and data reveal that Asian Americans form the third largest racial minority group in the United States after the white Americans and African Americans” (Hune, pp. 256-387).
In addition, studies have also revealed that Asian Americans are the ones with the highest levels of educational attainment and lowest poverty rate (Kitano, & Daniels, pp. 85-129). They also perform well when compared with others on the scales of household incomes and savings and personal incomes. Chinese Americans make the largest ethnic sub group followed by Filipino ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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