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Informed consent , ethics and research - Assignment Example

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Cassell and Young point out that “Ethics committees now require that individuals give informed consent to health services research.” However, they argue that this is “misguided” because “existing ethical guidelines do not help us decide how to seek consent and have…
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Informed consent , ethics and research
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"Informed consent , ethics and research"

Download file to see previous pages It is clear from the examples that Cassell and Young use that Informed Consent is, as they say, “poorly adapted” to Health Services Research. (2002) The main reason for this is that most HSR involves the reshuffling of entire organizational structures, which is obviously something that one particular person cannot really opt out of if they dont like the way the trial is proceeding. This is different from clinical research, where the Helsinki Declaration requires that a patient can leave the trial at any time.
Cassell and Young use the example of a midwifery practice in rural England, and point out that patients “will not be able to opt out of the intervention … if it becomes the standard local model of care.” (2002) That is, they will have to keep using the modified version afterwards if the organization decides they will, since that is their only option. It is clear that some alternative method of consent that reflects the realities of Health Services Research should be pursued.
J Cassell, & A Young. (2002). Why we should not seek individual informed consent for participation in health services research. Journal of Medical Ethics, 28(5), 313-7. Retrieved December 7, 2009, from ProQuest Medical Library. (Document ID: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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