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These laws were put in place to prevent a single corporation from manipulating and taking control over the whole industry. Several corporations…
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Case Analisys Report - Microsoft Antitrust Battles
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Download file to see previous pages ses the primary stakeholders in the case, a legal analysis, as well as an ethical analysis of the different issues surrounding the antitrust case against Microsoft. It also includes a discussion of different factors that may have contributed to Microsoft’s display of unethical behavior as well as factors that need to be addressed to resolve the issues. The paper gives recommendations on what actions are needed to deal with the legal/ethical issues as well as policies that the company can adopt to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future.
Although the partnership between William H. Gates (more commonly known as Bill Gates) and Paul G. Allen has been established in the year 1975, it was not until a year after that the trade name Microsoft Corporation was officially registered in New Mexico with the Office of the Secretary of the State (Microsoft, 2005). Since then, Microsoft has become renowned worldwide for their extensive range of original products and software as well as their laudable skills in marketing and advertising their products.
As popular the reputation of Microsoft Corporations might be, they have been face with numerous cases regarding alleged violations of ethical and legal matters. These issues have cropped up in connection with Microsoft’s control of certain markets related to the selling of computer and software.
The earliest inquiry was way back in the year 1990 regarding breach of the Clayton and Sherman antitrust laws. Since then, other complaints from several large corporations such as Apple Computer, Sun Microsystem, and Netscape Communications have been brought against Microsoft Corporation. The most recent antitrust complaint was from Opera Software ASA in the year 2007 with regard to Microsoft’s manipulation of web browser by combining the Windows operating system with Internet Explorer, thereby going against accepted web standards (Opera Software, 2007).
These complaints have had an effect on Microsoft financially, when ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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