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Analysis of the Marketing Communications Campaign of GAP (Clothing Brand) - Essay Example

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A product that has something its competition doesn’t. It is a solution for a problem that has yet to be identified. Gap Inc. started with a solution for the problem of buying jeans, pain free. Once it was an established clothing company it redefined…
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Analysis of the Marketing Communications Campaign of GAP (Clothing Brand)
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the Marketing Communications Campaign of GAP (Clothing Brand)"

Download file to see previous pages But Gap Inc. had to start somewhere and by identifying the steps of an integrated marketing communications campaign we will begin to see some similarities.
Developing a model for a consumer IMC campaign involves a number of steps. These include identifying target audiences, analysing the situation, setting marketing communications objectives, developing strategies and tactics, setting a budget and evaluating the effectiveness of the campaign. For this assignment, we will look these steps in relation to a mock product and a mock IMC model, and compare them with the successful Gap Inc. clothing brand.
Our mock product, to help us make the developed IMC model clear is titled “non-uniforms”. It is clothing for schoolchildren in western European countries whose schools do not expect students to wear uniforms. If marketed properly, the clothing for schoolchildren will be bought and worn for the same reasons uniforms are worn in schools in the United Kingdom. Only it will not be compulsory and the stock will not be identical. It will be sturdy, basic and strong, cheap, readily available from school and, ideally, promoted by schools. The product is likely to succeed because it is recreating, rebranding and redefining something that is successful in other like countries. According to Articlebase (Sep 2005) school uniforms reduce distraction, promote discipline, reduce fighting and violence, are cheaper and highlight that individuality is not determined by designer clothing. However, the cons are that uniforms stifle self-expression and can be uncomfortable, (Pros and Cons of School Uniforms 2009).
By analysing the situation, we find that male primary school students, aged six to 10 do not purchase or choose their own clothing. Therefore, the target group is the parent or carer who chooses and purchases the clothing.
Our marketing communications objective is to identify or create a buyer’s problem and solve it. One of the target group’s problems is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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