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T.V.Show Project Concept - Essay Example

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This would involve the viewer watching real-life participants, rather than movie stars or TV stars acting. The reality television genre has really exploded since the original…
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T.V.Show Project Concept
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Download file to see previous pages The genre of the project is that of the traditional variety show and game show, mixed with travel and reality TV. There is a sense of live television or immediacy in hosted television reality programs: it is about the present tense and the competition of the participants. The rule is that the host is expected to look at the camera and relate to the home viewer explicitly and intimately. The rule that the reality game show should remember is that it is all based on money. The show wants to show the viewer something that is spontaneous or unexpected. The reality game show also must apply in the future that reality TV shows do have an effect on prime time news programs, as is seen by many of the tactics taken by FOX and others.
Comparative shows to “Where Are We?” include “Fear Factor,” “The Amazing Race,” “American XPlorer,” and other shows on Discovery and the Travel Channel. There are cable as well as network inspirations for the show, which relies on classic game-show formulas at its heart. Target audiences include urban males and females, especially couples, who want to travel, but do not have time.
In terms of programming strategy, the individual in this demographic watches reality TV game shows on cable at home and alone, or they get social gratification or filling social needs by watching the channel with friends or family members. They watch reality TV game shows on Discovery or some other channel has every day for hours, or while they eat dinner. If “Survivor” had this kind of habitual viewer it would’ve gotten even higher ratings. The gratification for this demographic is found in the channel’s game show programming and reality show programming, and people do not pay any attention to the advertisements during commercials. In fact, this demographic in particular often switches the channel so as to avoid advertisements entirely while watching reality TV ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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T.V.Show Project Concept Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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