M4A3 Project Milstone 2: Data Modeling Layout - Coursework Example

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Most of them use softwares that generate a lot of data that needs to be stored then analyzed using computing means to derive patterns that will influence decision-making (Gudnason &…
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M4A3 Project Milstone 2: Data Modeling Layout
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Data Modeling Layout Insert Insert Introduction Architectural companies experience a lot of challenges when it comes to handling massive data. Most of them use softwares that generate a lot of data that needs to be stored then analyzed using computing means to derive patterns that will influence decision-making (Gudnason & Scherer, 2012). A case in hand is the need to exchange product model data currently implemented in the USA. It aims to disseminate product information at every level of its development. Consequently, these companies require a database to automate the process of coming up with the product. Such databases require high-quality hardware and technicalities to integrate considerable data from different organizations.
Data Modeling
Data modeling refers to how the logical structure of a database is. It is a core concept when obtaining abstraction in a database management system (Moris, February 4, 2014). Essentially, the manner in which entities are to one another and the entire processing and storage in the system entails data modeling (M A K & Pan, 2009). To build this model, we followed the three levels which include planning, designing and deploying.
The creation of a conceptual data model comes first following the interpretation of the business rules. In this stage, use of entity relationship diagram is employed in mapping the information about the enterprise (Owen et al., 2010). Further, it concerns with the events surrounding the steps involved. They are without consideration for concepts surrounding the databases. The stage informs on the storage of data and its usage.
Data Modeling Layout

Figure 3. Entity Relationship Diagram
From the figure 3 above, there is a one to many relationships from the customer to the project or from the client to costing.
Design Tool
In the actual world, there exist entities and entity sets that exist in a relationship (Whitehorn & Marklyn, 2007). The latter forms the basis for establishing entity relationship diagrams. The application of Entity relationship model is on developing a conceptual implementation of a database.
Figure 1. Shows the database design tool
Figure 2. Shows database implementation
The questions I will be using in this project include the following. First is the query to retrieve customers details upon need. The sample question is below.
SELECT customer.customer_id,, customer.address,,, customer.residence FROM customer;
Secondly, I would use the query that displays all the projects available (Rockoff, 2010). The SQL view of the query is below.
SELECT projects.project_id,, projects.project_description, projects.project_location, projects.project_duration, projects.customer_id FROM projects;
Thirdly, I need a query to show me the costing of a particular project relating to a customer with a specific identification. The SQL View should look like this.
SELECT costing.costing_id, costing.costing_name,,, costing.project_cost
FROM (customer INNER JOIN costing ON customer.customer_id = costing.customer_id) INNER JOIN projects ON (projects.project_id = costing.project_id) AND (customer.customer_id = projects.customer_id);
I also need a query that displays the status of a particular project either as completed, ongoing or yet to start. The SQL View for the project is,
SELECT projects.project_status FROM projects;
Further, I could use the queries to retrieve information on projects that are ongoing alone.
The SQL view is,
SELECT projects.project_id,, projects.project_description, projects.project_location, projects.project_status, projects.project_duration, projects.customer_id
FROM projects WHERE (((projects.project_status) ="On going"));
From the information above, queries are important objects in retrieving information that meets particular criteria that are user defined. For instance, the company may want to view information on customers from a specific location. Also, they may need to check tasks in a given area that are on progress.
The challenges in architectural engineering firms are enormous especially when it comes to handling data. These companies use a variety of softwares that generate a lot of data that is useful to the organization concerned. Consequently, this calls for powerful mechanisms and excellent database systems to enable them to handle data and consolidate data from various institutions.
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Whitehorn, M., & Marklyn, B. (2007). Inside relational databases with examples in Access. [New York]: Springer. Read More
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