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The Business of tourism - Essay Example

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Kerala, fondly referred to ‘God’s own Country’ is one of the major tourist destinations in Asia which has a rich cultural heritage and strong international linkage of centuries. Tourism flow to this beautiful South Indian state has been highly intensified for the last few…
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The Business of tourism
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Download file to see previous pages Obviously, the unaffordable travel cost in developed countries and all other impacts of economic recession on them have compelled people to choose India especially Kerala as one of the best tourist destinations. In addition to the unforgettable travel experience in this state of rich and dynamic culture, Kerala offers comparatively low-cost travel, cheap rate hotel pay and a variety of tour packages. It has become a choice for many western people to stay for the whole vacation in order to escape from the unbearable living expenses of their own home land.
Besides the above mentioned features, as an emerging trend, medical tourism industry has become a fastest growing segment of the Kerala tourism. As the recent global financial crisis hit largely on European Countries, Asian countries have been highly benefited from medical tourism industry. The high cost of treatment in home countries has been pushing people to this region as alternative cost-effective destinations; and the trend has remarkably increased during recession. Majority of the patients in this category come from the countries like the United States and UK. Kerala enjoys its own remarkable share in medical tourism by providing its ancient system of medicine Aurveda. This herbal medication and technique of body massage known as ‘Panchakarma’ gained international admiration especially during the last decade.
Traveling or staying in Kerala during recession would be an excellent idea to gain money and materials. As compared to other regions, living cost in Kerala is rather affordable. Moreover, recently there has been a notable fall in room rent and hotel bills since the economic downturn. (Iyengar P., 2008 p.59). Mumbai terror attack (2008) also affected Kerala tourism/hotel industry as there is only 1000 km distance between these two regions. (PRlog). Suppose in the United States, a room rent cost $10 for a day, it must ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Business of Tourism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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