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Penal policy - Essay Example

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The so called emergence of the moves towards privatization of prisons is not representative of the first experience of private involvement in imprisonment. The first private prisons were recorded to be in medieval England wherein prisons are operated to produce a profit. Prisons…
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Penal policy
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Download file to see previous pages , they are charged for their food, water, bedding and other daily necessities based on a scale in accordance with their social standing which was used instead of their financial capacity (Faucult 1997, p 97).
A variety of forms of this system which can be seen as an early and bad example of the user pays principle continued in England until the 1780s, when prisoners began to be sent to Australia (Faucult 1997, p. 98). The financial exploitation of prisoners was regular in France and the United States (US) all through much of the nineteenth century, but was significantly extended in the southern states of the US in response to the severe labor scarcity following the Civil War. In the US, convicts were either forced to work under state supervision on railroad construction, mining, lumbering and other areas where free labor was in short supply, or were subleased by the state to entrepreneurs who used them, fundamentally as slaves, on cotton plantations and in factories.
Next to the United States is Australia when it comes to the participation to the era of privatization. The National Party government of Queensland decided to start the operation of the new prison located at Borallon, near Brisbane, controlled by a private company under a management contract. The current Labor government confirmed its decision immediately after coming to power and ever since placed its new remand and reception centre at Wacol, a Brisbane suburb, under private management. New South Wales is the only other Australian State to date to adopt prison privatization. The NSW Liberal Party Government has entered into contract with a private firm for the design, construction and management of a maximum security prison at Junee, which is scheduled to become operational in March 1993 (Logan 1997, p. 112).
A private prison is an institution that is managed by a nongovernment entity on behalf of the state. Logan (1997, p. 113) defined it as a place of confinement management by a private company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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