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Why are Relationships Difficult - English composition - Essay Example

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The relationship between men and women has always been somewhat contentious; the contentions mostly arising out of the different way the two sexes perceive the world around them and react to it. The difference between men and women has always been a source of fascination for…
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Why are Relationships Difficult - English composition
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Download file to see previous pages It was argued that men and women are different biologically (or naturally), and it is inherent in them, so to speak, to be different from one another, therefore, it is all but natural for their relationships with each other to have so many problems and/or difficulties. However, with the women liberation movement came the idea that it was not biology but social conditioning that caused men and women to behave and think so differently in any given scenario
Now the question arises: which of these theories is valid? Are men and women really different from one another because society demands them to be so, or is it because the differences in them are a manifestation of their in-built differences?
Many studies have been conducted in this regard by the scientific community, with the result that, indeed, men and women are geared differently naturally (both mentally and physically, of course) as well as through social conditioning.
There is much that has already been said about the role of society in setting certain molds for the sexes, and then expecting men and women to fall in line. Such molds are often quite sexist and detrimental to understanding and mutual respect amongst the sexes.
Although the media has perpetuated sexist attitudes, with the woman being only a comforter of man, whether as a wife or mistress, it would be unfair to lay the blame on them, as it is society itself that is reflected through the media. It would be wrong for the society to blame the media for projecting ideas that the society itself holds.
However, the social conditioning only fosters the human brain which is geared to be masculine or feminine from the birth of a child. There are quite a number of differences between the brains of the two sexes which causes them to develop differently at first and then later on to behave differently. These differences, scientists argue, were the result of evolution and the different roles these two sexes had to perform. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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