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Teaching assignment - Essay Example

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Everyday teachers have to prepare lessons which are to be delivered in the class, but most of us give very little thought to the processes and procedures adopted for this purpose. The apparent aim of a teacher is to teach…
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Teaching assignment
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"Teaching assignment"

Download file to see previous pages The plans are devised to improve the working skills of the students in linguistics.
Many African mothers carry, or nestle, their babies on their backs. This custom has advantages for both mother and child. A working woman, who has nobody to look after the baby, knows he is safe on her back, while her hands are free for her work. Meanwhile, the baby stays in close contact with his mother and feels warm and safe. This sense of security may be suddenly broken, however, when the child can no longer be carried, he may be put down and expected to behave like a grown up child. But as he has been over-protected for so long through nestling that he now feels very insecure and may behave like a baby.
Children need freedom and the chance to use their limbs. They need to be able to observe and explore their environment. They also need to learn how to make and do things on their own. Therefore, even when mothers must carry their babies everywhere, they should try to set them free whenever possible.
a. Look at the picture. What do you think it is about? Which part of the world do you think this woman is from? All right, you now know that the woman is from Africa and she is carrying a baby on her back. You know a bit about the picture.
By presenting the above-mentioned lesson plan I have observed the following learning outcome in the working skills of the student with respect to English language. The student was able to understand the meaning of nestling. He was able to generate a discussion on how babies are cared in villages and cities. He was able to do the following:
The student was in need of audio visual aid that he or she must be provided with some sort of audio visual aid. The lesson plan was presented in a good style which enhanced the abilities of the student but not at a mature level. He or she was in need of more hard work. In the subject plan the student was provided with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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