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Analysis of a history book - Essay Example

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The Chronicle of Pseudo-Joshua the Stylite was written by him as a letter to Sergius, on the latter’s request, “by way of record” (Joshua Para I). In it he writes about the plague of locusts, famine and epidemic which afflicted Edessa and its surrounding region from 494…
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Analysis of a history book
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Download file to see previous pages God, according to Joshua, sent down these afflictions “to rebuke us and our posterity, and to teach us by the memory and reading of them that they were sent upon us for our sins.” (Joshua Para IV).
Also, towards the end of his Chronicle he reminds the reader that he wants his writing about the events of pestilence of war to serve “as a reminder to those who endured them, and for the instruction of those who shall come after us, that, if they please, they may be enabled to become wise through these few things which I have written” (Joshua Para LXXXVI). Being a Christian, he believes that all the troubles that befell the Christian Roman Empire were caused by the sins of the people, and should serve as an illustration to St. Paul’s words that “When we are chastened, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world." (Joshua IV).
His tone is similar with regards to the war that took place between the Persians and the Romans; he refers to the Persians as the “rod of God” (Para V) as they were merciless when they took over the Roman territory and ill treated the people who they captured.
What is interesting is that the author does not feel that it is through any fault of the emperor Anastasius that this war was caused, who he praises as the “all-ruling and believing emperor” (Joshua Para VI). Joshua states that the war came about due to certain events in the past, which he describes in his Chronicle (Joshua Para VII-XVIII).
Even when writing about the immediate precursors to war (Joshua Para XIX-XXIV), the blame, he feels squarely rests with the Persians and not the Romans. Though, of course, the fact that the people were engaged in, what he terms, sins has something to do with a reason for the outbreak of war. With regards to the war and its events, of course, he was not a party to all that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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