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Do cuts in UK government spending affect UK secondary education exam results - Essay Example

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There is nothing new in the question if it is necessary for the government to spend hard earned money on education. Ever since formal education became a necessity with the dawn…
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Do cuts in UK government spending affect UK secondary education exam results
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Extract of sample "Do cuts in UK government spending affect UK secondary education exam results"

Download file to see previous pages European models were based on the assumption that only a certain portion of the population needed and could profit from a college education. U.S. goals ambitiously sought the higher education of 25-50% of the population. The community college served all that desired an education, mostly the unserved populations of adult, (and) full-time workers with families” (Newman, Renee M, 1998).
Primary education was the first to receive early government recognition. However, funds management was not encouraging. However, efforts to effectively fund primary school activities continued. Secondary education came in for recognition for support later on depending on the government of the land (Evaluation of World Bank’s Support for Primary Education, 2007).
Statistically, secondary education in the United Kingdom is already facing flak due to the below average treatment secondary education is getting. On the one hand, there is below average salaries for secondary education teachers and on the other, there is drop out rate of 30% in secondary education in the UK (Curtis, Polly, 2009). Fundamentally and technically, the cut in spending does not amount to over £100 million which is just a fraction of the £85 billion the UK spends annually on education for the year 2010-11. However, the figure could trigger cascading effect in spending that attracts experience and talents. The UK is still counted as the Mecca for education and it holds the distinction as the best education provider in terms of facilities (UK providing assistance for tertiary education facilities, 2009).
Better put, the question should be: is government spending the determinant to exam results for the UK secondary education? The motivation to study comes from students determined to do well academically for future prospects and better personality. Secondary school students are normally well versed in the need for higher studies. Educational costs cannot be the determining factor for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Do Cuts in UK Government Spending Affect UK Secondary Education Exam Essay.
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