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Service Quality and Operations (A REPORT) - Essay Example

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Service quality is not just setting quality standards but achieving those goals and then further maintaining and retaining those standards are more important for a company…
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Service Quality and Operations (A REPORT)
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Download file to see previous pages Marriott Hotel Empire which started as a small company in 1927 in Washington D.C. by John Marriot of Utah. But due to its consistent efforts, today this company is serving in 67 countries and has about 3150 lodging properties. Different operation strategies, marketing strategies, maintenance of quality, employee empowerment and customer satisfaction are the key points that have enabled the success of this organization. Marriot has adopted a rigorous marketing policy, where this company is catering almost all market segments, i.e. it is not only allocating the high class but also deals with business class and the lower class. According to the research conducted in 2008, this company had built its strong network with its suppliers, customers and employees. it has also build a strong sense of teamwork among employees, maintained a positive and supportive management style. They believe customers as their guests and due to this they have enforced strict quality measures and strict quality control on all its hotels and motels. Kandampully et al. (2001) reported in his book that J.W. Marriott himself stated a philosophy in treating employees in the following statement, i.e. “take care of your employee and they will take care of you”.
Every company whether it belongs to a manufacturing industry or a service sector has to carry out daily operations and transactions. Due to this operational management is extremely important OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT
Not just Marriott but there are basic ten main tasks or critical decisions that every company, manager and an employee has to undertake in order to effectively manage operations. In the book by Henzer & Render (2006) mentioned the operations management ten strategic decisions, such as; service and product design, quality management, process and capacity design, location, layout design, human resource and job design, supply chain management, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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