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T205_TMA02 - Essay Example

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Self Sealing and Self Fulfilling: The concepts of self-sealing and self-fulfilling in psychology have been around for some time. They express the situations surrounding human methods of expressing themselves in the face of circumstances. Self-sealing doctrines are about…
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Extract of sample "T205_TMA02"

Download file to see previous pages And whoever opposes this idea is seen as going through a regression. And even though it has been known that white students don’t necessarily outperform black students while writing the same exam, but the proponents of white supremacy still hold on to their claim to feel superior. On other hand, self-fulfilling prophecy points out how an individual could achieve his/her self purposes while taken into consideration to attitude of the others. Self fulfilling can be better understood through the Pygmalion Effect described below in the diagram (Merton, 1968):
2. The Concepts of Power Visible and Invisible: The concept of visible and invisible power in an organization has been discussed on several occasions. It is interesting to notice an organization works like a system with a structure fashion out to show those in the positions of power. For instance, everyone understands that a company’s president or managing director wields some visible executive power within that organization: they could order the production of a certain
product or fire an wayward employee. However, the question about what or who holds invisible power in an organization has been asked on several occasions. Research on organizational management has demonstrated that one of the invisible power-holders in an organization is the culture of the organization. The culture in an organization demands that every employees of the organization conforms to the rules and regulations laid down for their activities (Lockett & Spear, 1980). Another source of invisible power in an organization is the financial capability of the organization. This invisible power of money compels the organization to dream and project its goals within the limits of its financial capability.
4. Peter Senge (1990) says we tend to blame outside circumstances for our problems. Systems thinking says ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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T205_TMA02 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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