Advantages of the current healthcare insurance in the US - Essay Example

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If the health and health care facilities are insured, individuals do enjoy peace of minds. It is unfortunate that United States of America do not possess a system of universal health insurance, though this system encompasses various…
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Advantages of the current healthcare insurance in the US
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Advantages of the current healthcare insurance in the US” Health is the vital part of our survival. If the health and health care facilities are insured, individuals do enjoy peace of minds. It is unfortunate that United States of America do not possess a system of universal health insurance, though this system encompasses various benefits for their holders.
It is understood that people are habitual with the current system of health care and its facilities as they know all the ins and outs of the system; they therefore show some kind of resistance in accepting the new system. People do have a mindset and various myths that they will end up paying more if the government implements universal health insurance.
On the contrary the fact is United States of America spends 40% more funds as compared to other nations who have adopted universal health coverage.
Reports from Federal Budget and General Accounting Office of USA display the fact that if universal health care is implemented then there would be a saving of $100- $200 billion per year. This is a huge monetary benefit that country can secure for other vocations.
The advantage was understood by the Canada government long back, in 1971 and they adopted single-payer system. People are much happy by adopting this system and they are contentedly enjoying peace of mind as they do not have to be bothered about their health and care facilities and are not willing to revert back to their old, US-kind of system. The government of Canada knows that in terms of economy they are lagging behind as compared to USA but by adopting universal health insurance they are saving a lot in terms of funds.
It is essential to understand that by adopting universal health insurance, single payer universal health care cost would decrease due to diminution of administrative cost, as compared to the current US-system of health care facilities where individuals are paying around 50-100% more administrative charges, which is a remarkable loss of finances (Battista, McCabe, 1999).
By adopting universal health care insurance enhanced management, monetary gains and ease can be accomplished. It is necessary for the citizens of US to have this understanding and also it is essential that government should make the people aware to dissolve their myths and wrong notions that they have created in their minds and should understand the benefits they will be provided with, for the sake and better prospects of the nation, as we never shop for health it is not a product, but people can enjoy the same kind of facilities at much lower cost. It is essential that government and NGOs must understand the benefits of health insurance and should create public awareness program through talks and discussions and brainstorming them to change their myths and beliefs for the better future and prospects.
Battista, McCabe. The Case For Single Payer, Universal Health Care For The United States. Outline of Talk Given To The Association of State Green Parties, Moodus, Connecticut on June 4, 1999. Available on
[Accessed on 2nd December 2009] Read More
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