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Analyse the marketing strategies used by: Starbucks - Essay Example

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Current chairman and chief executive officer Howard Schultz joined the company as the head of marketing and retail operations in 1982. He founded a company that provided…
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Analyse the marketing strategies used by: Starbucks
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Extract of sample "Analyse the marketing strategies used by: Starbucks"

Download file to see previous pages By the end of 2008, Starbucks had 16,680 stores, over 11,000 if which are in United States.
The range of products provided by starbucks is growing on regular basis. It currently sells brewed coffees, espresso and espresso based drinks, frappuccinos, different varieties of tea, ice creams and other hot and cold drinks. Starbucks also sells different types of snacks, including sandwiches at some of their stores. There are also mugs and other merchandize for sale at some of their stores.
Starbucks entertainment is also a very important part of their stores. it provide latest books, magazines and music albums to its customers in their selected stores. Starbucks stores are also connected with wireless internet facilities, so the customer can also enjoy free internet connection on his portable computer while enjoying his coffee.
Starbuck is part of the “Special eateries and Catering services industry” and is catering for the leisure sector (Hoover’s online). This is a well established industry and is relatively stable. It fits within the largest population segment of disposable income spending on food and beverages.
Steady growth in this industry has resulted in many new companies entering the competition. There are relatively few political influences and the industry is little effected by the small changes in the social and technological factors if the environment. Economic environment was solid but due to the current depression the situation is currently subdued. But according to the current requirement of convenience the demand of eating out has suffered relatively less, and the food service industry is growing steadily.
Political influence that most concern this industry is the government imposed changes in the minimum wages of the employees. Special eateries and catering services usually are able to easily train their employees to perform their jobs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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