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E-Commerce Application Development - Essay Example

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First of all, I will outline few problems that are related to the e-payment system. I will try to elaborate these problems in scenario of…
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E-Commerce Application Development
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Download file to see previous pages There are lots of other security threats we can face regarding the online business information theft. The hacker hacks the business information and cause a huge damage. This valuable business information can be its customer record or deal/sales record. In this case business customer can have less confidence on the business policies; this will be a great danger for the business (Norton, 2001) and (Shelly, Cashman, & Vermaat, 2005). 10
Next main security threat we have is regarding computer virus attacks on the business network or computer system. These viruses can delete damage or destroy the business system and stop the overall business operation that is really problematic for the business. In the scenario business customer can leave the business (Norton, 2001) and (Shelly, Cashman, & Vermaat, 2005). 10
Here I will suggest some online business security management initiatives those can offer some better business security management and handling. Initially for an online business we need to establish a security policy that defines the possible security threats and initiates to counter those security breaches. Next we need to make available the customer privacy policy on the web. This will offer the customer to recognize the main security initiatives that business has taken to secure mange and control the business and customer information. The next step we need to take is regarding the business information security management about the business network security. Here we implement a network firewall that protects the business from some external attacks. Here we also need to install anti virus, anti spy and anti phishing system to ensure the business network security and integrity (Norton, 2001) and (Shelly, Cashman, & Vermaat, 2005). 11
With the passage of time e-commerce technologies have been swiftly emerging. The people using Internet for shopping of products and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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