Quality Control (Pesticides: The food Quality Protection Act) - Research Proposal Example

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We must be certain that we cannot rely on the fact that the food that we eat is free from potentially dangerous substances such as pesticides. As pesticides become more widely…
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Quality Control (Pesticides: The food Quality Protection Act)
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Rigoberto Baez Carter Humphery 3 December, 2009 The Safe Use of Pesticides in the Food Production Process Through Implementation of Quality Control Regulations.
Research Proposal
Section 1: A General Framework
I chose to research this topic because the topic of food safety is of critical importance to everyone. We must be certain that we cannot rely on the fact that the food that we eat is free from potentially dangerous substances such as pesticides. As pesticides become more widely used there is an increased potential for contamination of food products. One way to prevent this is by the application of strict quality control regulations.
I have no specific background in this area but through the media I hear stories occasionally about food being contaminated with pesticides and other contaminants. I also try to keep informed about the ingredients in the food that I buy.
I hope to learn what (if any) is the extent of the problem of food contamination. I also hope to learn what quality control mechanisms are in place to monitor the food supply for pesticides and prevent its contamination. I also would like to learn what measures are being taken in the developing world in the area of food safety for food produced for both the domestic market and export.
I dont expect my instructors and classmates to know much about the topic. Most people take the food they eat for granted and dont give it much thought. In addition it is a fairly technical topic and although it can be grasped without having a specific technical background it is not a "lightweight" topic.
Because this topic is not so well known I think that I will have to include a fair amount of history and background about the topic. This may include descriptions of the types of pesticides used on crops and the techniques used to detect them.
Section 2: A Specific Focus
I narrowed the time period of the topic by using only modern references, which should limit the scope to the modern period. In addition because chemical pesticides are a fairly recent invention all the material connected with the subject is fairly modern
Geographically I will concentrate mainly on countries that either have quality control progerams in place for food safety or are developing them.
The topic is limited by several factors. First of all, as mentioned above chemical pesticides have not been in existence for a long period. In addition, new substances are coming on the market all the time and there may not as yet be a way to detect them.
The problem of food contamination can be seen in the wider context of food safety in general. Food safety was not a large issue until increasing interest by the public led to the founding of the Food and Drug Administration in the 20th century. Since then the issue has become increasingly important and the issue of pesticide contamination was brought to the publics attention by the publication of Rachel Carsons Silent Spring in 1962.
The questions that I hope to answer through my research include:
What types of pesticide contaminants may appear in the food supply?
What techniques are in place to detect pesticides in food?
What laws are in place to protect the food supply from contamination with pesticides?
What role does quality control play in detecting pesticides in food?
How do food safety technologies impact food safety?
How much of a problem is pesticide contamination in food in developing countries?
What steps are being undertaken to insure food safety in the developing world?
Section 3: A Working Thesis
My working thesis is that I support the use of pesticides in the food production process, while ensuring safety through implementation of Quality Control regulations.
Section 4: A List of Potential Sources
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