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Final Project for a linguistic class called Introduction to Linguistics - Essay Example

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While American influenced countries pronounce hello as “hel-oh” the same time British Englishmen countries pronounce hello as…
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Final Project for a linguistic class called Introduction to Linguistics
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Download file to see previous pages In 1889 operators of central telephone exchange were called as hello girls.
Hello can be used in a lot of senses; it can be used as a greeting, to answer a telephone, to attract attention, an exclamation of surprise or wonder (e.g., we went to see Eiffel Tower and hello! It was beautiful). We can even use hello as a noun when we say (e.g., it was a cry of hello), basically hello is an interjection expressing some informal greeting. It is also used when we’re questioning something with someone being addressed, (e.g. are you happy with what is going to happen here? Hello!). We can use hello as a noun as well (e.g. I went to meet Alex but he gave me a cold hello), as verb (e.g. I helloed very loudly before someone could take notice of my arrival). Tough the whole world now uses Hello but British people still use hullo.
This word “Dude” is from American vocabulary, it was first used in the year 1883. Dude is used for a male and when using for a female. Two words dudine & dudess are used; however dudine is more popular than dudess. This word is pronounced as “dood” and it has quite a few meanings, initially it was used in America for those Easterners who move to west and start living there but that meaning is not accurate anymore. Dude in present day is used in quite some other meanings.
Dude can be used as slang for friend, chap, mate or a fellow. Other than that dude is also referred to some guy who is very concerned about his dressing as per fashion, another meaning of dude is used for a some man who is staying on a farm but that is also an old meaning of Dude. We also say dude up as slang for dress up (e.g. look at him! All dude up to impress the girls at bar). Some people are of the opinion that dude is derived from another word dud which means a failure or a flop which is the opposite of Dude.
This word has a very long history; it was first recorded in 1050 in England. It was first called godsibb which means godparent as in god-sib (sib as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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