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Criminal justice/private security - Essay Example

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So, starting with the term, crime, it’s a disgraced act or an offense or violation of a public law. Any act which goes against the…
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Criminal justice/private security
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Download file to see previous pages We all live in the same world and no one of us can be sure that we can never be a victim of any sort of crime. Safety can not be taken as granted in present era. No one can be fully dependent on public police security. We must take proper measures on our own to prevent ourselves from being victimized. “Private security meets the needs of individuals, businesses, institutions and organizations that require more protection than is offered by public police officers” (Hess, 2008).
Now, focusing on the comparison between the authorities of public police and personal security, let’s first describe public police department. Public police is the department that is prepared to maintain law and order situation, sustain and keep up peace, make all efforts to avert and detect crimes, assist victims of offenses, implement and impose the law, and give assistance in taking legal action against the offenders. One of the major roles of a public police can be described as “preventing and controlling behavior that disturbs the public peace, including quieting loud parties, settling domestic disputes and intervening in conflicts that arise between citizens” (John Howard Society of Alberta, 1997).
When we talk about the roles and responsibilities of public police, there is another power relating to individual security, that is, private security system. In this system, the security companies not only provide armored personnel to the clients to secure their property and valuable but also different security systems such as security alarms, automatic door locks and improved mechanism for personal security.
Now, let’s have a proper comparison of authority level of both departments. At first, we need to know what actually authority means for public police and private security industry. If we talk about authority related to these departments, then we are talking about those powers and rights which police and personal security ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Criminal justice/Private Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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