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Country report - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this report is to analyse how UAE has been progressing in terms of trade with other countries, their government structure,…
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Country report
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Download file to see previous pages Then we’ll also look at the government structure of UAE and how they encourage foreign policies. The trade index of UAE and their financial standings will also be looked at in this report. Furthermore their GDP of 23% and growth rate will be discussed to see exactly how stable the economy of UAE is.
It was seen that the abundance of crude oil and natural gas reserves, their free port zones and the sudden construction boom in UAE are the main reasons for their economic progress and financial growth.
We will also look at the imports and exports of UAE and discuss how they’ve been encouraging foreign direct investments. With GDP of $54,607 / capita at minimum as per IMF, UAE is among the top 20 growing economies in the world.
As per the estimate of 2009, UAE has the population of around 6 million which makes it the 120th largest country by population and its area is 32,278 sq mile which makes it 116th largest country by area. The population can be further discussed by the following chart
UAE is an Arab country with the national language as Arabic, currency as Dirham, National animal is Arabian horse, National flower is Tribulus Omanese, National Bird is Peregrine Falcon, National tree is Ghaf Trees, Sport is Camel Race Drink is Camel Milk, and national Dress is Khandura
United Arab Emirates has a history from 5500 BC from the times of Neolithic. In 630 the arrivals of Islamic envoys started and Ridda war was fought here when the Non-Muslims were defeated and this area went under Muslim rule. UAE went in Portuguese control in the 16th century when Portuguese started their expansion in the Indian Ocean and they ruled this area for about 150 years. Later this area got famous with the name of “Pirate Coast” from the 17th to 19th Century as it was under Ottoman Empire. British started their expeditions in order to protect their trade of India from the raiders at Ras Al-Khaimah. That further led to British taking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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