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Previous clothing collections by Pierre Cardin included emphasis on futuristic elements of high-end fashion, using geometric patterns, exaggerated details, and significant emphasis on the female shoulders in his designs (, 2009). In the 1970’s these…
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Haute Couture
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Pierre Cardin – Haute Couture Designer BY YOU YOUR ACADEMIC ORGANISATION HERE HERE HERE Previous clothing collections by Pierre Cardin included emphasis on futuristic elements of high-end fashion, using geometric patterns, exaggerated details, and significant emphasis on the female shoulders in his designs (, 2009). In the 1970’s these styles became more sophisticated, however the basic interest in futuristic designs through the use of textile-looking fabrics and metallic prints made for a well-received businesswoman collection. In the Appendix is a sample photograph of the Cardin business collection in 1979 which featured similar emphasis on geometric design and high interest in angling the female shoulder line.
The late 1970’s were a time where interest in science fiction and the future was a common theme at the social level, with movies being launched such as Star Wars. The 1979 design illustrated the social demand for future lifestyle and innovation in fashion as well as showing the female clothing buyer as an important and respected part of international business. These suits were not created with explosive colours or other eye-catching patterns from previous years, rather the 1979 collection allowed simple, yet future-looking fabrics blend into design innovation in a way that was meaningful for mass market buyers and the female businessperson.
A recent 2009 collection from Pierre Cardin reverts back to some of these design principles, using simple black and white and geometric patterns to create a stunning collection for women. The Appendix section shows an outfit which consists of dizzying explosions of black designwork throughout the collection which spirals like a liquid maze across the clothing. Key areas of sensuality on the female, including the hips and shoulders, are emphasised with sudden angular folds in the fabric which flair the outfit in key body locations.
There are some significant differences to these different collections spanning 20 years, including the length of the hemline. In the 1970s, it was more acceptable to have longer skirts for business and even casual wear at a time where culture was emerging from more reserved moral and lifestyle values. This social aspect of lifestyle was added to the 1979 businesswoman collection and the outfit’s length was generally always below the knee. This fit within acceptable dress norms for the woman in business at the time. Today, however, Cardin has become more risqué when redeveloping older styles for the new luxury consumer and has shortened the length of various dresses and suits to appeal to the more modern lifestyle.
The largest similarity between the 1979 and 2009 collection is the focus on using geometry in fashion design to create innovation in a way that is meaningful for consumer values and luxury lifestyle. The new collection adds more detail to the fabric itself, showing a less-reserved fashion sense than that of the 1979 business collection. However, emphasising a woman’s key sensual areas through the use of eye-catching seamwork or fabric folding remains a common theme in Cardin’s designs.
References 2009. Cardin, Pierre. Viewed 19 Nov 2009 at
Appendix 1: Examples of fashion styles from 1979 and 2009 in the Cardin collection
1979 Pierre Cardin.
2009 Pierre Cardin. Read More
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