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During my eighteen-years of teaching I have developed an approach that utilizes strong teaching experience and classroom management skills to create a learning environment which ensures success and promotes lifelong learning. I possess a Master of Arts Degree in English as a…
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Admission Essy
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Admission Essay UOP During my eighteen-years of teaching I have developed an approach that utilizes strong teaching experience and room management skills to create a learning environment which ensures success and promotes lifelong learning. I possess a Master of Arts Degree in English as a Second Language and have endorsements in ESL and Special Education. Throughout my career, I have sought out challenging and varied work situations to develop my skills and abilities as an educator and this is what I hope to achieve as a student in the University of Phoenix Education Specialist Doctorate Program.
I realize success in this Doctoral Program requires me to apply a financial plan with efficient time management skills. I held a full-time job as a pilot while studying to receive my Master of Arts in English as a Second Language from the University of Phoenix. This combination of work and school challenged my time management skills, allowing me to successfully meet my financial obligations to the University and graduate on schedule.
The difference between this program and my M.A. program is the online environment. I am experienced with the UOP learning model and appreciate its advantages for timely completion of projects. It was instrumental as a support system and the collaborative knowledge I gained was outstanding. The team approach exposed me to new ideas and perspectives in a non-threatening environment. I have an appreciation for constructive criticism as an essential learning tool and the pragmatic knowledge the UOP learning model facilitates.
For many years it has been my goal to pursue a Doctorate, but until discovering the Education Specialist program there wasnt a program I felt passionate enough about to devote the time and energy. The Education Specialist program will enhance my educational background, further develop my intellectual capabilities, and prepare me to provide effective leadership in my diversified fields.
I request admission to the University Of Phoenix Doctoral Program, Education Specialist and look forward to the challenging and enriching journey that follows. Read More
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Admission Essy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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