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Answer 1: The success story of Manchester United could be evaluated in the backdrop of an environment marked by sky-high business aspirations and aggressive marketing clouded by a polarized public opinion. The club has avid fans cherishing the club’s association with the…
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Assignment- Top Urgent
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Download file to see previous pages With the evolution of the club into a global enterprise, a significant proportion of the authentic supporters of Manchester United felt alienated by this novel trend towards profit maximization and corporate sponsors. The bursting coffers of Manchester United started attracting hostile takeovers by early 2005. In particular, coveting aspirations of the American investor Malcolm Glazer, least interested in football, commensurately attracted the ire of the Shareholders United, a front of small shareholders owing a sincere allegiance to the club. An impressive number of supporters even managed to float a parallel club. Eventually, Glazer managed to have his way by purchasing a majority stake in the club. The British government preferred to leave the matter to the shareholders. In this altered scenario, Glazer came out with his aggressive corporate plans. In the meantime, the Shareholders United not only swelled in following, but also managed to garner free legal representation and popular financial and organizational support. Glazer attempted to dilute such opposition by dedicating some funds for the upkeep of sports and the sportsmen. By June 2005, United reverted to private ownership, courtesy the loans accrued and the support of old veterans. In the existing scenario, the club seems to be the cause of rift between its businesses minded owners and its dedicated fans and small shareholders.
In the post Glazer scenario, the club has undoubtedly managed to do well, going by its augmenting fan following around the world, the generation of massive revenues, bee lining sponsors and lucrative merchandizing. Therefore, for the time, the things definitely stand to be propitious for United. However, considering the immense growth potential of football as an international sport, the owners may loose to the upcoming competition from other clubs, if ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assignment- Top Urgent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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