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Innovation course - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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In order to attain organizational goals, a set of policies and strategies are defined and developed by management. One of the strategic management decisions undertaken by aggressive and competitive organizations is…
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Innovation course
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Download file to see previous pages ter is to improve the delivery of quality health care conforming to the strict standards of the Joint Accreditation Commission of Health Organizations (JACHO). It basic strategy to attain its vision and mission is to manage innovation through governance and leadership skills.
The first strategy is to employ non-nurse managers to head their nursing units. It is strategic move to enable nurses to focus on patient care and not be bogged down with administrative work. This move paved the way to increase morale and productivity in the units, and increased patients’ satisfaction with regard to the delivery of efficient and effective healthcare.
The second strategy was an innovative structure necessitating building a two-tower structure which stands on a 1.6-hectare property. This move would capture a more extensive clientele thereby improving their market share.
The third move was to institute actions which are “firsts” in the industry. First to invest in advanced medical equipments to cater to more patients not only in the local market but in the neighboring Asian nations. Further, this strategy puts SLMC in the top spot among the medical institutions in the Philippines.
Innovative companies have well defined goals, vision and mission. The vision defined 2010 as the year to achieve its being one of the top 5 hospitals in Asia and would be achieved through highly competent and caring professionals and with the use of world class technology and research.
Leadership is essential in managing innovation. The appropriate leadership skills are matched with personalities, characteristics and behavior of its human resources to motivate them into achieving organizational goals.
Company’s resources must be maximized. Human resources are acknowledged as their most important asset. Property, equipment, and processes are continuously updated. And management has made a commitment to invest in technologically advanced medical equipments to compete with other top health ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Innovation Course PowerPoint Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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