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Philosophical Issues in Business and Management - Essay Example

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Strategic management as a system of thought has appeared as a result of the necessity to systematize the already existing knowledge in the field of creating business strategies, and many scholars were able to create whole theories about the instruments of decision making in the…
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Philosophical Issues in Business and Management
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Download file to see previous pages It is essential to present the expression, which can give and explain the principal roots of the strategic management decision making:
Thus, the purpose of the given paper is not only to make the taxonomy of the decision making knowledge in strategic management, but to make it simple, understandable and practical for the use in the further similar researches.
It is of course possible to develop certain taxonomy in the system of the modern strategic managerial knowledge, but it often difficult or problematic to find the exact borders between various theories, as they often combine common features and share common grounds.
Every successful company needs good strategic management and right strategic decision making. The practice must be supported by the corresponding theory and the theory should be prove by practice. That is why it is essential to consider the issue both from the theoretical and practical points of view.
The given work will be useful for making the taxonomy of the decision making knowledge in strategic management. It also will help to make this taxonomy simple and comprehensible, so that it may be applied for further investigations.
This work has used 16 literary sources, and has chosen various approaches as the basis for taxonomy of the necessary information; it has also made certain suggestions which should be accounted in the further attempts to systematize the notions of the strategic decision-making.  
Taxonomy can be defined as a science of classification of any knowledge, and can be applied to any theoretical or practical field of science. Applying taxonomy to the area of strategic decision making has become popular in the recent years, though attempts to systematize the schools of the strategic decision making has been attempted earlier. It was a difficult task to accomplish, as strategic decisions have been described, as being unclear, complex, unpredictable and messy. The first ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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