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Wk11(31)disc - Essay Example

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Is there any irrelevant information in the report? How would you feel if the client requested to review the report? To whom would you feel comfortable releasing…
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Extract of sample "Wk11(31)disc"

Wk11 (31) Disc "Do you think there is anything in the preceding report excerpt that could jeopardize the client’s confidentiality? Is there any irrelevant information in the report? How would you feel if the client requested to review the report? To whom would you feel comfortable releasing this report?"
The most important aspect of an interview is to make sure that we learn enough about the client to get them started in therapy but not so much that their confidentiality is compromised. In the excerpt it is important to understand what is relevant to Jane Does case. First, in calling her Jane Doe, it would seem that her identity would be kept confidential. However, in saying that she went to Baylor Medical Center Emergency room, someone could check the date and probably find out who she was if they were looking. This is one area where the clients confidentially is compromised. Also, stating the entire information about the trial, the fact that it was "lengthy" and the fact that the stepfather denied having done anything wrong would possibly be traceable to a well publicized court case. It is not necessary in this writers opinion to give all the details of the rape. Although it is important to note that she comes to the counseling session because of "anxiety, hypervigilence, nightmares, flashbacks of the rape, and ruminative guilt" are what should be emphasized in the report instead of the exact details of the rape.
Also, the report is not written in a professional manner but has the tone of someone wanting to make sure all the "juicy details" are present in the report. According to Nail (1990) an intake interview should have enough relevant information to lead the counselor towards a conclusion about the type of therapeutic interventions that are needed. In order to do this, it is important to organize the data into a logical structure and to develop it chronologically (Nail, 1990). In this sense, the information about the rape should have been categorized differently and it should have been more professionally written.
I would feel very uncomfortable showing this report to the client. I would think that they would be upset about all the details in it and this could escalate her anxiety. I think that the report reads like a soap opera rather than a formal intake review. Harvey (1997) states that reports can be readable and without much jargon so that anyone can understand them (p. 273) but this therapist was reporting more than was comfortable for this writer. I also think that the therapist may have been appalled at what happened for this client and therefore their judgment was off as to how much they should include in the report.
I would be uncomfortable sending this report to anyone outside the agency that I was working within because it gives too much information about the client that is not relevant to their care. There are not relevant conclusions as to what should happen for this client and there are too many details about the rape. I would suggest that the therapist rewrite the report before it was sent to anyone.
Harvey, V.S. (1997). Improving readability of psychological reports. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. 28 (3). p. 271-274.
Nail, G. (1990). Psychological report writing tips. Retrieved November 16, 2009 from Read More
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Wk11(31)disc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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