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Informed Consent, Confidentiality and Client Rights - Literature review Example

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The present paper is an article review of "Adolescents, Risk Behaviour and Confidentiality: When Would Australian Psychologists Breach Confidentiality to Disclose Information to Parents?" written by R. Duncan and "Social networking and professional ethics" written by S Harris…
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Informed Consent, Confidentiality and Client Rights
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Extract of sample "Informed Consent, Confidentiality and Client Rights"

Download file to see previous pages The first article written by Duncan and colleagues (2013) belongs to the area of counselling psychology and gives a scientific insight into the problem of confidentiality and its breach in treatment of adolescents. The topic is undoubtedly extremely relevant for the area, for adolescents are among the risk groups who are the most likely to need psychological counselling. Moreover, as the authors indicate referring to the previous researches, “98% of adolescents believed that confidentiality within a school counselling setting was either essential or important” (Duncan et al., 2013, p.410). However, considering the differences in psychological maturity and life experience between adults and minors, Duncan et al. emphasize the higher probability of the situations, when breach in confidentiality may be necessary despite the client’s right: those can involve risk behaviors and danger of inducing harm either on others or on adolescents themselves. Therefore, replicating the study of American scientists, the authors sought to clarify whether there is consensus in necessity of confidentiality breach among Australian psychologists and examine “the circumstances in which Australian psychologists believe it is appropriate to breach confidentiality with adolescents» (Duncan et al., 2013, p.411). Due to the nature of the study, the sample to be surveyed included psychologists selected based on a set of criteria including experience of working with minors and education in psychology ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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