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It is sold in more than 70 countries in the world. ‘Designed in 1959 by Alex Issigonis - a Turkish-born émigré to Britain who also designed the Morris Minor, another iconic small car, the…
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Marketing - Mini-cooper
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Download file to see previous pages Demand in the United States, especially, has taken off, thanks to a marketing strategy designed to build mystique through stealth advertising and limited distribution”( Maynard)
Mini Cooper has attracted world not only because of the unique features, but because of the innovative marketing strategies as well. The manufacturer BMW has created waves of innovation in marketing and advertising strategies adopted for their car Mini Cooper which captured the attraction of the worldwide people. This paper briefly analyses the features of Mini cooper and the marketing strategies adopted by BMW for marketing their product mini cooper in international market.
“From the toggle switches for the windows and fog lights to the rocker buttons for the fan-speed controls, every switch and dial in the Mini feels of a piece with Mini and only the Mini. In truth, some of the components are gently massaged BMW parts, but thats not really obvious. And besides, BMW is a prestigious brand, so its not as if youre getting second hand Daewoo stuff in your Mini”( Frank). Mini Cooper is not only attractive in appearance, but it is filled with lot of useful features which other cars of same type may not possess. Its hatch layout is well designed, with a low well for groceries and with seat uprights that flip forward 50/50. Mini Cooper excels in safety features also compared to its competitors. It has defeated its competitors in most of the road tests and also excelled in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash tests. Moreover, it comes with six airbags (front, side, headliner), while its competitors only has standard front airbags. For an additional $500, people can purchase a Mini Cooper with stability control that will help keep the car on track in an emergency situation.
‘A marvelous marriage of British character and German know-how, the 2009 Mini Cooper is stylish, fun to drive and remarkably good on gas. Stellar fuel economy, sharp handling, excellent all-around ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marketing - Mini-Cooper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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