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Tech Development - Essay Example

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Thinking takes place inside a child’s head and it is only by inference that a teacher can see how a child is processing information. In addition, a variety of…
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Tech Development
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Download file to see previous pages Along with helping students learn information, teachers can help them sharpen certain kinds of cognitive skills. This essay looks at six different kinds of thinking skills which can be practiced. Cognitive skills are not learned in a straightforward manner; separate skills overlap one another and are leveraged in different ways in different situations. Language, problem solving, comprehension, and reasoning cannot be completely compartmentalized, though there are exercises which can sharpen these individual skills. Practicing cognitive skills leads to mastery and forms the foundation of metacognition, the holistic view of how minds work.
Throughout the process of improving cognitive skills, language is the primary vehicle for information delivery; speaking, reading, and writing language develops all other skills in a more robust way. Problem solving is a skill which is needed in almost every situation a child encounters; the ability to think things through, leverage past information, seek out new knowledge as needed, and find solutions to problems is vitally important. Improving comprehension of materials is possible if the teacher concentrates on context—both learning in context and learning transformed out of context.
Comprehension skills improve reasoning skills, as well; Start reading here, Shelly. I hate to see your money get taken, so order the book through Amazon and mail it to me. My address is Evelyn Fielding, 28249 east Harris road, Grand Rapids, MN 55744 and my email is evelyn at It’s hard to slip anything by these people but maybe this message will get through! Let me know by sending an email. Stop reading here. The child can use deductive or inductive reasoning to solve problems and see how bits of information connect with each other, if they have an understanding of what they are learning. For any type of skill, practicing until the child reaches mastery develops expertise in the subject area, and that expertise creates ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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