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Tech Organizational Development and Management of Samsung - Research Paper Example

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This research evaluates tech organizational development and management of Samsung. This essay will also discuss the role of culture in the organization development of Samsung Company and recognize the importance of corporate culture in organization development…
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Tech Organizational Development and Management of Samsung
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Extract of sample "Tech Organizational Development and Management of Samsung"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that the corporate culture of Samsung is one that is creative given the fast developing world of technology. The electronics industry is a rapidly developing industry and within this industry, new products are constantly making older products obsolete. For example, the 12.1-megapixel camera replaces that 14.2-megapixel camera in just a few months, Since Samsung belongs to the category of electronics, it needs an organizational culture that quickly adapts to change. Therefore in order to keep up with the changing external environment, Samsung Electronics has developed a flexible organizational culture where employees have the power to choose their own workplace. Employees are required to positively contribute to the organization and it does not matter where they operate or when they operate. It is on account of this culture that Samsung Electronics is considered to the leading company within the electronics industry. It has been able to launch innovative products such as ‘eyeCan’ in 2012 for disabled people. The company has also been able to successfully implement its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) program that has made its product more environmentally sustainable. There are different approaches to identify the culture within an organization. One of the most widely used cultural analytical tools is the OCAI. The OCAI assesses the culture of the organization through six dimensions namely, the dominant characters in the organization; the leadership approach within the organization; the management of the employees; the organizational cohesiveness; clear vision and reward program. The OCAI here would be used to analyze the culture of Samsung Electronics. The dominant characteristic of the organization is constant innovation. The company takes challenges very seriously and always comes up with innovative products that put the competition on the edge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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