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Drawing from the course materials, discuss one challenge and one opportunity presented to a person who takes on the role of frontline manager in a health or social care service - Essay Example

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The centers for health care are getting their due attention. Working at ‘health care’ is a social service oriented working profile. There are many people who get involved in this…
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Drawing from the course materials, discuss one challenge and one opportunity presented to a person who takes on the role of frontline manager in a health or social care service
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Extract of sample "Drawing from the course materials, discuss one challenge and one opportunity presented to a person who takes on the role of frontline manager in a health or social care service"

Download file to see previous pages The essay also sheds light on two important aspects of a manager’s role: one challenge and one opportunity that he is presented with and the ways in which he can handle them.
The role of a manager is easier said than done. That’s because he has to shoulder many responsibilities. His actions are under constant vigilance by his peers, subordinates and superiors. Anything good that a manager may try to implement can have possible negative as well as positive effects on the entire organization. Thus well analyzed action plan is a must. Becoming a manager requires constant efforts and determination. It also requires leadership qualities such as patience, ability to lead and guide, perseverance, ability to interact well with everyone, etc. A person achieves this through hard work. Along with the respect that it brings, the managerial responsibilities seep the manager of all his energy and demand careful work at every stage.
At a health care service unit, a manager comes to deal with a variety of people such as the care takers or the doctors, the accounting department, the staff, the patients or the consumers or the victims of health problems, managers from other branches of the health care unit and so on. While discussing the manager’s role let us analyze for him,
Managerial activity is a process of continuous change (Activity 3.2, p.33). One has to understand the current situation and implement new policies accordingly. No matter whatever are your previous experiences, being a manager is every time a new lesson. The first thing that comes to our mind about a manager is the amount of power that he is entrusted with! Indeed this power can work wonders if handled with opportune execution. He needs to be flexible enough to shape circumstances and adapt to demands of employed people and consumers. With all his powers he has the authority to regularize and implement changes such as discipline, better dress codes, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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