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Title: Does IT matter OR Does Information Technology matter - Essay Example

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Institutions and corporations are transforming their book keeping and production from the earlier manual systems to the more sophisticated and efficient information…
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Title: Does IT matter OR Does Information Technology matter
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Download file to see previous pages e through out all economic sectors, be it commerce, medicine, transport, Agriculture, education etc where it has increased productivity and efficiency. This essay is a critical evaluation of the importance of Information Technology and why it matters.
Information Technology primarily relies on computers and other hardware in order to achieve the desired results. A computer is an electronic device that accepts raw data input, processes the data to produce information through an output device (Laudon 2009 p 10). Input devices are for example scanners, mouse, keyboard etc while output devices comprise and not limited to visual display unit, printers, speakers etc. All these devices when connected make up a computer system which can be interconnected to form an information system. A computer basically operates like humans difference being that computers do not have the ability to think. However, with the advancement in technology, computers with more human ability have been created to serve humans. These are for example robots which are able to conduct basic human functions based on their programmed memory. Unlike humans, computers do not experience fatigue and as such, they can perform repetitive work for a long time without lowering the quality of the output. It is therefore correct to say that information technology has helped humans to increase their production and utilization of resources.
Before the installation of computers in many businesses, the mode of data and record keeping used was through the physical data files which were stored in filing cabinets. Not only did this mode of filing consume a lot of office space but also took a lot of time to access and modify the contents, a process that was tedious. The loss of data due to defacing of the documents after long periods is also a risk that was experienced in the earlier methods of data storage (Laudon 2009 p 16). With computers, the process was made easier by their capability of storing voluminous data ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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