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Does IT Really Matter Anymore - Book Report/Review Example

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Does IT really matter anymore? Nicholas Carr says no in his controversial article, IT doesn’t matter. In part one of his articles; he opposes the widely accepted opinion that incorporation of IT into business operations gives firms an edge over the others in the highly competitive world…
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Does IT Really Matter Anymore
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Download file to see previous pages These inventions offered visionary companies a way to improve their production. Over a short period of time, these technologies became ubiquitous and therefore invincible (Springer, 206)
In part two a distinction between proprietary technologies and infrastructural technologies is made. He argues that proprietary technologies can actually be owned by a single firm and patented. The patent protects the company against exploitation of their technology by rival firms. Such technologies can, therefore, give a firm a competitive edge in the market. On the other hand, infrastructural technologies are only beneficial and economical when shared. IT being an infrastructural technology, it can only be beneficial when shared and therefore cannot give a firm a competitive edge. Part three talks about commoditization and replication of IT. As pertains to commoditization, IT is a transport mechanism as it transfers digital information. This factor, therefore, makes more valuable if shared rather than when used in isolation. The byte being the basic form of data transfer, it is almost impossible to think of another way. This makes it easily reproducible with minimal effort and cost. Gordon Moore’s case clearly illustrates the high rate of inflation that affects technological advancement in IT. He predicted that a computer chip would improve to contain a double circuit at intervals of two years. Despite such improvements, the price labeled on computer functionality would drastically drop (Springer, 139)
In part seven, the author concentrates on the challenges that can come in following the adoption of IT. In the present times, the world almost completely relies on IT and therefore so much money goes into protecting it. Companies have put so much into protecting vital information about their operations. Some of the threats are terrorism, security breaches, technical glitches. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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