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What Did I Learn - Essay Example

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From the paper "What Did I Learn" it is clear that the author knows that having a solid and organized lesson plan greatly helps to actively engage with the students. An observer in this matter will really help him to get feedback and see where he can make the most improvement…
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Extract of sample "What Did I Learn"

The education of teachers has taught them many things, they have to learn how to apply those skills. As more years go by, teachers can feel less challenged and not as motivated anymore. They are still very valuable because they have gained much experience over the years. However, now they need to be inspired so their skills can grow even more.
So what does it mean for me?
For me, it means that throughout, teaching is a learning process where one has to continually develop and improve oneself. Becoming a teacher is just the beginning. True experience doesn’t come from books but instead from being active in the classroom environment and learning from mistakes. The reality is often different from what we start out as believing. Our feelings and skills will be challenged in different situations. There will need to look at others for leadership and inspiration.
Now, what am I going to do about what I have learned or experienced?
I think it is a good idea to have a plan of what my goals and special interests are. This will help me to individualize my approach and develop my skills and needs. Also, working with peers and students will help to expand on my acquired knowledge and gain more understanding of what is expected of me. I am also going to see where my weaknesses are and see how I can improve them when the time comes to teach in a classroom.  Read More
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Please read Chapter (9), and answer 3 questions by using simple words Book Report/Review. Retrieved from
(Please Read Chapter (9), and Answer 3 Questions by Using Simple Words Book Report/Review)
Please Read Chapter (9), and Answer 3 Questions by Using Simple Words Book Report/Review.
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