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Health and Wellness - Essay Example

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This essay describes important nutrients and energy required to maintain a healthy lifestyle . Minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and water are essential nutrients. The key to a nutritious diet include consuming lots of fruits, vegetables, wholegrain products…
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Health and Wellness
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Download file to see previous pages In explaining the sources of important nutrients, I used the PowerPoint presentations to make the learning process easier. It is said that a person can forget verbal discussion after a span of time but the visual impact of PowerPoint presentations can last for a longer time period.
To make the process better next time, I will give a chart of the different sources of essential vitamins and proteins. Nowadays, an individual has a busy lifestyle, so there are chances that he or she may follow the health routine initially, but with time may become unenthusiastic and forget. But, if chart is ready at hand he or she can instruct someone else to make the food as per the chart.
My friend’s relative was very keen to know the details of good nutrition and my friend had told me about her persistent health problems. She was very enthusiastic about the learning process. During the course of our discussion I came to know that she had Nutrition at the Secondary school level so it was easier for her to understand things.
This activity taught me to simplify the technical things and using words that a lay man can be comfortable with. This experience helped me to brush up my knowledge. It also taught me how to communicate the technical things in an easy and clear way to others. Basically, it gave me a practical exposure to the problems that a person with nutrition deficiency faces. The assignment provides an insight into the health and wellness related issues and does not require any changes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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