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Negotiate in business - Essay Example

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As part of its expansion efforts, corporate business learns how to be successful in international markets. (1) In paper takes position on the negotiation strategies business les can apply in…
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Negotiate in business
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Download file to see previous pages "At the business level, firms follow generic strategies: cost leadership, differentiation, focused cost leadership, focused differentiation, or integrated cost leadership/differentiation. There are three corporate-level negotiation strategies: multi-domestic, global, or transnational (a combination of multi-domestic and global)" (2).
Each business must develop a competitive negotiation strategy focused on its own domestic market. Negotiation strategies have some unique features. The negotiation strategies are based at least partially on the type of negotiation corporate-level strategy the firm has chosen. Some firms pursue corporate strategies that give individual country units the authority to develop their own negotiation strategies; other corporate strategies dictate the negotiation strategies in order to standardize the firms products and sharing of resources across countries. (3)
Canadians are usually independent thinkers, who are not afraid to go against the group consensus. Canadians will argue their personal viewpoints enthusiastically, though rarely aggressively when negotiating (4). Canadians have a tendency to be reasonably formal and reserved in the workplace. The business traditions can be hierarchical, although summits are usually very autonomous and all participants are encouraged to voice their opinions. (2)
In recent years, strategic alliances have become a popular means of negotiation expansion. Most strategic alliances are formed with a host-country firm that knows and understands the competitive negotiation conditions, legal, and social norms, and cultural idiosyncrasies of the country, which should help the expanding firm manufacture and market a competitive negotiation product. (1) In return, the host-country firm may find its new access to the expanding firms technology and innovative products attractive (3). Each partner in an alliance brings knowledge or resources to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Negotiate in Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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