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Case Study (Communication) - Essay Example

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Conflicts and considerations to communication management which are the negotiation approaches are enumerated in relation to the desire of producing positive…
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Case Study (Communication)
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Extract of sample "Case Study (Communication)"

Download file to see previous pages There has been a big role that a negotiator should do during cases of conflict within the management or company. The purpose of this report is to present the key concepts and ideas that a negotiator needs in mediating conflicts between person/s and departments. It is important to win the cooperation of the opposing parties and the responsibility of the negotiator is to make steps that will persuade both parties to subject in an agreement (Chaiken, Gruefield, and Jude, 2000).
Case study analysis in this report is organized by presenting the situation that is needed to be solved. It is important that the reason of the conflict, persons involve and attitude of the characters should be first considered before getting into any further analysis (Borissoff and Victor, 1989). The preceding discussion will be based on the findings in the analysis and relate it to the best approaches that should be done by the negotiator.
Managing conflicts between departments or between persons within a particular company is essential. It is necessary to know the role of communication in resolving conflicts (Borisoff and Victor, 1989). A good negotiator should understand that resolving conflicts is so crucial and skills in communication and negotiation are the needed module for positive and favorable change.
Generally speaking different people has different attitudes when it comes to conflict. However, it should be regarded that conflict whatever be the reason always fall into three dimensions: perception, feeling and action (Mayer, B., 2000). The amount by which conflict can be defined is outlined in these three factors. According to Mayer (2000), all conflicts involve power. He said-
"Power can be usefully conceptualized as a mutual interaction between the characteristics of a person and the characteristics of a situation, where the person has access to valued resources and uses them to achieve personal, relational, or environmental goals, often through using ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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There is no doubt that a researcher attempting not only to define the nets of informational exchange in a social group (whether it is a community of organizational environment) but also to provide a solid analysis of communication, needs to evaluate all of the above-outlined variables. Knowledge and past experience, for example, determine both the q...
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Communication is part of everyday life. It is not limited to adults or learned individuals. Babies communicate with their mothers as they cry when they are hungry, the mute use sign language to express what they want to say, while the mentally disabled laugh when they are happy or excited. The forms of communication people use may vary but common elements are usually present. These include the message and the communicators or the participants who play the role of either the sender or receiver of the message. In the communication situation, I had with my friend, these common features were present along with others namely, feedback, noise, context, and mutual agreement/negotiation. These elements affected the outcome of the conversa...
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McDonald's has been faced with the problem of low differentiation of its operations since it has not been able to considerably differentiate itself from other fast-food chains adequate to acquire a considerable market share rather opts to compete on price instead of new features. To be an outstanding fast-food chain, McDonald's can consider new features like restraint redesigning, addressing changes in customer habits and considering healthier foods. Adoption of the above strategies can help McDonald's differentiate itself from other food chains by having unique operations rather than competing on the basis of price.

The fast-food industry is developing significantly currently due to changes in people's lifestyle which...
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... of the employee was the greatest determinant of the business performance and productivity. However, that has been preceded by other significant issues that influence the performance of major companies. The senior management in most of the business organizations fails to establish a balance of communication leading to the backlash within the institutions. This paper will evaluate the effect of communication in the success of business organizations. It will demonstrate that communication in the business institutions is affecting the performance of the employees, the relationships of the management and the employees, and the attitudes of the employees. Statement of the Problem Communication is a daily phenomenon for most of the people...
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